How to Set Up an Aquarium


Fish Proposal
Fish Proposal

Our kids last week told us that they wanted a fish for a pet (since our son Zech is allergic to most other animals). We told them to write up a proposal (see the reasons and picture above by our 6-year-old daughter), which was approved by mom and dad. Once we got the fish we of course, had to make a video of how to set up the aquarium.

(Eleison’s teacher told her to underline words she doesn’t know how to spell.)

Proposal: Eleison and Zech Pet Fish. Because we don’t have one. It would be fun to have one. We will feed him. Let’s feed him at night and day. I like fish.

  • Picture 1: Dad and Mom giving a thumbs up to the fish they picked out.
  • Picture 2: Zech feeding the fish.
  • Picture 3: Eleison feeding the fish.
  • Picture 4: Putting a blanket under the fish to keep it warm during the winter.

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