UPDATE – Cemetery Mystery Still Unsolved

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As many of you read, we had a little mystery on our hands yesterday.  Last night we went up to the cemetery to do a little more investigating of the theories people had in response to the post.

Click here to see a video of the discoveryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti4_KA7IjTA

Theory #1: It was a tree branch falling.  Finding #1: Nope. No fallen tree branches anywhere to be found.

Cemetery 4

Theory #2: It was someone walking across the picture.  Finding #2: Maybe, but unlikely.

Here is a picture of the location of the cemetery. It’s in the middle of a wheat field – not a high traffic place.

Cemetery 7

Just to get to the cemetery, you have to walk about 3/4 of a mile up the hill.  No cars can get up there unless they have the key to this pad-locked gate.

Cemetery 8

The cemetery is an old one on the Oregon Trail.  The first gravestone was laid there in 1868.  Most of the people in the cemetery have long been deceased, many for more than 100 years.  Family members would not be up their at night visiting their loved ones because all of their loved ones would also be dead.  This is a picture I took up there last summer (the person died in 1903).


We timed to see how long it would take to get across the frame of the picture.  This was not exact, but a person could likely cross there in 30 seconds.  My brother-in-law Andy briskly walked the span below in 28 seconds.  The problem with this was that when I compared his picture to the one from the night before, he walked much more closely to the camera than the other figured appeared to be.  He also didn’t start all the way over to the right of the frame.

Cemetery 6

Theory #3: It was a spec of dust or a bug near the lens.  Finding #3: Probably not, given the shape of the figure. Here is a comparison of the figure’s shape next to the picture of Andy in the same spot last night.  It wasn’t at the exact same time of night. He also walked in front of the tree, when it appears that the figure was behind the tree.  LEFT = Figure from the night before. RIGHT = My brother-in-law Andy last night.

Cemetery 3

We set the camera up again last night, this time from a place that would capture more of the cemetery.


The pictures were nice, but we didn’t discover anything new.


There was one image that had a flash in the sky for only one frame, but my wife Tennille said that it was a helicopter flying over.


So, the figure from the night before still remains a mystery.

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