Face Plant into the Pavement

Right After
Right after the fall from my bike.
The Face Wound
The goose-egg bump on my face.
5 Stitches
5 stiches in the right hand.

So last week we started this new initiative as a staff at our school.  We got put into teams and get points based on how much we exercise. 10 minutes = 1 point, 20 minutes = 2 points, 30 minutes = 3 points.

I ride my bike to work every day and it takes about 17 minutes round-trip.  I didn’t want to disappoint my team by only getting 1 point yesterday, so I decided to go a different route on the way home to pick up the last 3 minutes for the 2 points.  Well, on the way home from the extra 3 minutes, I saw my neighbor who I hadn’t seen for a while.  I was turning left into the alley and took my right hand off the handle bars to wave.  This caused me to lose control, fly over the handlebars, and do a face plant into the pavement.  I had several cuts on both hands, my face, my shoulder, and my thigh.  When my lovely wife realized that part of my hand had a cut where the two parts of flesh needed to be pushed back together, she took me to the urgent care where I got cleaned up and received five stitches.  They took x-rays of the hand and no breaks or fractures.  Picture day at school is Monday so we’ll see how that goes.



QUESTION: I’ve been commuting to work year-round for 5 years with no accidents. Friday I decided to take a different route home and took a spill. Do you all take the same route every day or mix it up?

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